Small steps...Taiwan journey

Small steps...Taiwan journey


This is the story of our lives, especially concerning adopting 3 siblings from Taiwan.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

all three kids meet!!

A banner day! The last two days the weather has been spectacular…sunny, less humid with a slight breeze…so nice!!
We left early to the train station for Taichung. We were slated to visit the older kids and learned yesterday that Han-han would also be going…all of them to get passports. So, this would be the first time they would meet in person (keeping in mind that Han-han didn’t know he had siblings until a month or so ago).
(above, the whole entourage) The Taipei (Han-han, caregiver and social worker) and Yunlin group (social worker and assistant) met the rest of us at the orphanage where we promptly got in a car and went to the passport office…no fanfare at all, down to business. When we arrived and started walking to the office, all three of them were trying to hold my hand; Tsung-Lin ended up with Sam, but they marched happily along and you would’ve thought they had known each other their whole lives. In the office, Han-han kept trying to share his dried peas snack, all the while dropping them on the floor. Tsung-Lin tried to lift up and position Han-han on the chair beside him. Mei-Yun draped herself over me. It was charming and wonderful!
With that behind us, we were off to….McDonalds, again (3rd time in a week). Same story there…sharing, playing, each making sure the other got the right drink or chair. Han-han was particularly concerned with who got which happy meal toy and that is on a cute video. GOTOVIDEO Sam was the resident tiger…they were screaming and running and hiding, having a blast.
Of course, there were some tears and play injuries but nothing out of the ordinary. I had to learn how to say "softer voice" because the screaming was so loud! In this video, Sam is hiding in the tubes and the other kids are waiting for him to appear. GOTOVIDEO I was grateful for Jay, the security guard, who acted as translator on this outing. (in the middle)
everything was so ordinary, yet EXTRAordinary!


  1. how beautiful! does it all seem a bit surreal? :)

  2. This is so amazing!! Getting passports, that must mean you are close. What a beautiful family you have. I bet Emma and Tom are dying to be there!

  3. I feel like Michelin and I are stalkers on here at least 3 times a day she asks "are there any more posts on the "new" kids?" We are getting so excited for your arrival home!!!!!

  4. 4th "check" today, still nothing. You guys must be busy getting to know each other;)