Small steps...Taiwan journey

Small steps...Taiwan journey


This is the story of our lives, especially concerning adopting 3 siblings from Taiwan.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Well, our first week has been eventful and mostly oriented around survival: figuring out what foods they will eat, how to get to bed, and how to keep people happy. Han-han was the only one who loved Max from the start...this video of them watching him eat through the glass back door speaks volumes. They were plenty confident from behind the door. dog! Mei-Yun screamed and ran from him for days, so thankfully, a few days ago, Tom did some dog therapy and cured her. Now that we're all more comfortable, we're working on kind and appropriate treatment of animals.
Food is another biggie. I knew two of the kids ate pretty well, so I decided that rice with every meal could be the base and just change the toppings. So, now it is congee for breakfast (cooked rice plus more water to make a soupy porridge) with toppings they can't resist: mushrooms, seaweed and dried pork.
Dinner, rice with a few cooked veggies and a bit of chicken or fish. It's working!! Today, everyone had seconds of the congee, and every meal we're figuring out another vegetable they like. It's been a great influence on us. Tonight, it was rice, salmon, cooked broccoli and kale. Fruit is like dessert, so I've had to hide the bananas. Usually we're at the park for lunch, so bread and various finger foods...I'm feeling good about our progress on food!!
Language acquisition has been different than I expected...yes, it has only been a week, but they pretty much can be counted on to say: "thank you, amen, and good dog"...and sometimes "more please". We high five them for good English, so we're probably establishing an unchangeable pattern that will embarrass us all in the future. They definitely understand more than they speak. One hilarious experience was them being in their car seats and hearing our Simple Chinese for Adoptive Families cd and being SO happy. They repeated all of the Chinese phrases just beaming with perfect pronunciation, so really, they're learning English while we learn Chinese!
more on siblings, sharing and parents later.

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