Small steps...Taiwan journey

Small steps...Taiwan journey


This is the story of our lives, especially concerning adopting 3 siblings from Taiwan.

Monday, June 25, 2012


Someone saved the BEST alaska weather just for me...sunny and clear, incredible fresh evergreen smells, every color of green. It has been amazing!! So glad we can be home to enjoy it. We came home to a gorgeously clean house complete with welcome signs and a Taiwan flag...SO nice! (thank you SO much good friends! Our first few days looked like this: Excitement about new rooms and beds: great at the regular stuff like toothbrushing mealtime is fine...try to have a few choices that I know will work (like rice or fruits or veggies I know they like, and then have a few other options to try. park outing every day and they've loved that: Bedtime has been the roughest. The goal has been to have everybody in their own room, whether it's on the floor or in bed. Since we got in at 1 am Thursday and are jet lagged, the last child was asleep by 5 am that day, 12:45 am the next day and 11:30 last night. Slow and steady. Mei-Yun goes to bed happily and falls right asleep. Han-han has always been in a crib, so more adjustment there...running around, testing his freedom. Usually a late night walk calms him down. We are just doing the basics: eating, playing, sleeping. That's been quite enough.

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  1. I am so happy to see these cute kids in their new environment! They all look so content. Just doing the basics sounds great. I can't imagine how overwhelming it is doing just that. :) I really appreciate the continual updates. And, as always I am SOOOOO very happy for your family!