Small steps...Taiwan journey

Small steps...Taiwan journey


This is the story of our lives, especially concerning adopting 3 siblings from Taiwan.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

our children-or gotcha day as some call it!

wow, a whirlwind of events. we went to the various addresses in the county the kids were born with a translator. It was sobering to think of the tragedy that leads to no longer parenting one's children. We spent the night in Douliu, the county seat of Yunlin County, got up early and did AIT paperwork then walked around the old part of the city. At 1:30 we went to the county government offices, walked in and saw the kids eating lunch...yes, McDonalds!! Then to the press conference which was held in a small charming cafe available to county employees in a large complex of buildings. There was a table set with beautiful puppet dolls and various other decorations; I will admit that my first thought was that I hoped all of it wasn't for us. (because i just spent half the day sunday packing and cleaning in ZhongLi) There was also a little table set with tea and little cakes for all five of us. It was beautifully done. The press conference began with introductions and we were asked to share how and why we adopted three siblings. We were presented with the beautiful puppet dolls-one for each child plus Sam and Emma as well as many other gifts including a backhoe, large stuffed animal and blocks. Parting from the social worker was painful for Mei-Yun. she cried for 30 minutes in the car and would not be consoled; in fact, she cried louder and harder when we tried to comfort her. She eventually calmed down and within an hour they were all three asleep...a banner moment. Three hours to Zhongli, pick up our stuff, kids met John and Ching, which was fitting since they made such a wonderful trip possible. Long, emotional, dramatic and wonderful day. more pictures when i get them from other people.

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